Is NormaTec's Recovery Boots the Next Big Thing?


Possibly one of the most influential products in the world of sports recovery over the past few year has been NormaTec’s recovery boots. Athletes ranging anywhere from novice runners to professional quarterbacks have jumped on the NormaTec train. While NormaTec’s recovery boots have seemed to take the world by storm, in this article, we investigate whether these recovery boots really live up to their hype.

What makes NormaTec Special?

NormaTec Recovery Boots is a form of dynamic compression therapy. Unlike the most common form of compression therapy,”static” NormaTec utilizes their patented pulsing techniques well as two other key methods to replicate a more natural and effective recovery process.

NormaTec’s Key Recovery Features

Along with NormaTec’s Key Recovery Features, there is also a host of other features offered in NormaTec’s Recovery Gear. Among those features is NormaTec’s pre-compression cycle. This cycle was implemented so that at the beginning of every use the NormaTec gear measures the athlete’s leg size (not length, NormaTec offers three leg lengths) to get a perfect fit and optimal results from the session.


One of the chief features offered exclusively in NormaTec’s Recovery Boots is pulsing. Pulsing is a timed pattern of compression and release designed to mimic the same pattern performed by our muscle as we work out. This pattern pushes fluids and metabolites (an unwanted waste product produced during training) out of the limbs after an intense workout. The result, less muscle soreness, and a quicker recovery.


Another innovation presented by NormaTec is what they call Gradients. As NormaTec’s Recovery Boots “Pulsate” gravity works against this process trying to pull the moving fluids and unwanted waste back down. To prevent this, NormaTec utilizes their gradient feature. This feature holds pressure on the sections below the actively pulsating segment to help prevent waste from re-entering the muscles.

Distal Release

The final component in NormaTec’s Recovery Boots is the Distal Release feature. This innovation was incorporated in the NormaTec technology because it has been found that extended bouts of time under static pressure can be harmful to the body’s circulatory blood flow. To counter act this, the NormaTec boots release the hold on each segment as soon as it is no longer needed to prevent backflow. This allows blood to rush in and replenish the pressured areas as well as maintaining optimal circulation.

Benefits of NormaTec’s Recovery Boots

As studies continue to come out discovering more and more benefits for this incredible technology here is what the likely known benefits are to this point.

  • Increases the circulation of blood flow
  • Helps eliminate muscle soreness
  • Improves muscle readiness (pre-workout)
  • Increases flexibility
  • Improves pressure to pain threshold (muscle freshness)
  • Stretches out ligaments and muscles
  • Speeds Recovery
  • Increased production of nitric oxide (chemical responsible for increasing blood flow capacity of arteries)
  • 360 Massage


When trying to find reviews for this popular product you don’t have to look far. Many famous athletes, as well as several well-known organizations, attest to NormaTec. I myself have been able to try out these boots and loved them. I know having your legs squeezed doesn’t sound like the most comfortable thing, but they really feel good!


If you’re an athlete looking to boost your recovery for more productive workouts this is a great product. I would highly recommend NormaTec to any athlete serious about training.
Although the NormaTec’s boots are very expensive they prove a great investment for all athletes willing to give them a try.

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