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Most athletes who have tried some form of deep muscle tissue recovery are aware of one of the most inconvenient attributes that come along with this form of treatment, pain. Although most athletes are willing to put up with this pain, in some cases the pain is too great for even the toughest athletes who have to settle for a slowed recovery process. As science has continued to develop, so have the technologies around recovery. One of the newer tools in the world of recovery is the Theragun. It claims to be the solution for this problem. Theragun boast the same benefits as deep muscle tissue treatment with little to no pain involved! Quite a large claim for a fairly new product, but whats the science behind it?

How does it work?

Theragun claims pain-free tissue recovery from the use of its higher frequency vibrating motion. The frequency at which it operates tricks the nervous system into ignoring the pain associated with deep muscle therapy while allowing the athlete to obtain a deeper tissue massage, than that possible with a normal recovery tool. The Theragun also utilizes a vertical vibration technology that has been claimed to produce the greatest results compared to any other direction of movement.

Benefits of the Theragun

Other than the Theragun’s use of a strong vibrating force to increase blood flow and help the muscle recover without the pain normally associated with deep muscle treatment. The Theragun claims various other benefits such as:

  • improved blood flow
  • increase range of motion
  • minimize lactic acid
  • pre-workout/competition warm-up
  • removing muscle knots and cramps

Who is it for?

The theragun was designed to be used for a large variety of people, this includes athletes, physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, and even everyday use for those who get sore during their normal activities.


As the market of recovery techniques continues to grow, the Theragun seems to be rising to the top as one of the best recovery options. Offering an abundance of benefits and receiving plenty of endorsements by many professional athletes the Theragun may very well be the best recovery tool!

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